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A new Prophetic Word for this Dark-colored Christian

A few yrs ago although living near the beautiful pile village of Summersville, Western Virginia, I had a new most extraordinary dream. The wish was divided into some parts. In the 1st part, I became leaving my personal position as the Headmaster of a good personal school. Second of all, one of my teachers was elevated to my past position. Thirdly, this table chairman who had lived in the community all associated with her living was going away. Inside fourth part of the dream, I had been preaching to a significant Ebony church on this subject, “You Own Completed on the Other Aspect of the Nike jordan. inches In the dream, fantastic church had accomplished quite a bit and possessed a new fantastic national ministry. However, god said that they possessed not gotten to the satisfaction of their bright lives. As My spouse and i preached, this powerful existence from the God originated in that awesome church. He began to be able to give great time-saver and direction with regards to the particular immense success that He decided regarding them. The church increased in worship and compliment. I awakened from the particular dream.
The first three parts of this goal happened within a several months. I resigned from my personal position, the educator I saw in the dream became the interim Head associated with School, as well as the board leader and the woman husband distributed their family members business plus left community. However, this fourth part of the goal did not right away occur. In fact , I do not fully grasp this portion connected with the dream. 5 yrs passed as I actually constantly pondered the desire within my heart. Just lately, I had been invited to conduct a new grant writing workshop and even preach on a substantial Black church in Chi town. We still did not necessarily recognize the meaning of often the message, “You Have got Completed On the Other Section of the Jordan” although the Lord directed everyone to preach this information. As I studied typically the Word, the particular incredible prophetic meaning from the message within the dream has been uncovered.
Two and a 50 percent tribes of the Israelites found the rich farm building and grazing lands for the east of the Test Lake to their loving. The tribes of Gad, Reuben, and half of the large tribe involving Manasseh decided to settle on the “other side” of the Test and thus not cross more than to the promised land. Moses plus Joshua had given these individuals permission to carry out so but with a person major requirement, their enthusiast must led the war in taking the Guaranteed Terrain. Joshua chapter a few files the miraculous separating in the flooded Jordan. Typically the priests led the colonne with a dry, divine way made through the ton waters. Faithful to their deal, 40, 000 warriors of the two and a half tribes took the lead in the battle. Their divine success was to believe the dominates of management found in battle and provide typically the rest of the people into their offers destinies and lands. What a great mantle of ministry was put down upon Gad, Reuben and even half regarding Manasseh!
The Lord began to reveal the divine fate that He has intended for HIS African American persons. I used to be given an content written by Ann Castell which stunned me personally. The particular prophetic word given to her concerning African American believers was identical to what exactly god was revealing in order to me. Your woman wrote: inches You have come to this land for this type of time as this. It is now time to lay besides the weight involving ethnic hatred and the sin of unforgiveness which hence readily clings to and entangles you. It will be now time for you to forget just what lies powering and to help reach forth as to what is ahead. This has become time period to arise and find Myself for the happiness of the divine destiny.
Just simply as the particular survival of ancient Egypt and Israel rested within the shoulders involving Joseph (a man sold into captivity simply by their brothers and brought at a distance to a international land), so does the quite survival of this fine state of North america relax after you. This is usually now time for you to embrace My personal plan and to allow Us to birth within you the heart and the attitude associated with Joseph who had been able to reduce his / her brothers and those who else had enslaved and jailed him. It is at this moment time to adopt the cross of My Boy and become a great blessing in the terrain of your captivity.
Also as man has outwardly succeeded in humbling that you the very lowest involving spots, so will I actually exalt someone to the very highest place, perhaps to help the very throne associated with My Glory. As anyone continue to be yourselves under My personal awesome hand and enable the mind together with center of Christ to be created in you, you can encounter supernatural healing plus deliverance from the many in addition to deep wounds inflicted by simply those who have degraded, despised and even humiliated a person. As you understand Our Son and you start to cry out: “Father, reduce them, for they realize certainly not what they do”, you will access some sort of new dimension of My own Grace and Glory, and you will receive the revelation involving Christ and His Reappearance; regrowth power which usually your minds have recently been hungering to get.
It is now a chance to recognize that all background, as well as Black History, is THEIR STORY. It is now time to elevate up your eyes preceding people’s agenda and get often the vision of My own agenda. It is right now time to declare using Paul: “As for anyone, anyone thought evil versus me personally, but G-d supposed it for good, to carry with that many folks should be kept alive… ” (Gen. 50: 20)
Arise my people, our Joseph company, whom I actually have brought from very far and planted in this terrain for such a good moment as this. Seem unto Everyone and I will unveil the that means of your history. Search unto Me and I actually will reveal the puzzle of your many together with prolonged sufferings. I was the L-rd your G-d, and other than Me, presently there is no other. Seem unto Me and become treated of the wounds of your captivity. Appearance unto Me and even My partner and i will make you free to be my instruments regarding healing and deliverance within this land of your dope lives. “
The bounties in the prophetic meaning involving the communication, “Settling with the Other Side regarding the Jordan, ” arrived into full emphasis. Often the Great Awakening that will be soon to burst when this world as a closing witness will probably be led simply by a “Joseph Company” of which God has recently been getting ready for a long moment. This Awakening will provide God’s holy remnant collectively as a Woman with out spot or wrinkle. Partitions, separations, and walls may collapse as the Place of worship all fits in place to fulfill the woman final destiny. Each tribes that composes the House of worship has the promised future, a specific divine mission to accomplish. Leading the way to bring all tribes regarding believers into that completion will be the Photography equipment American believer. Exactly like Gad, Reuben and Manasseh, a mantle of leadership is going to rest upon these individuals. God is an superb bookkeeper. All of the weary years and prolonged generations of blood, sweat, crying, unpaid slave salary and rejection WILL BE PAID FOR IN FULL! This will certainly not come from the White Household, the Huge Court or from Congress. It will definitely come from the give in the mighty God! Simply like Frederick, they is going to be suddenly ushered by obscurity to the volume regarding divinely appointed command. Just what man meant for evil, The almighty will change into good for the saving of many lifestyles. The mantle of management will likely be laid upon these individuals by way of a divine Hand. That they will lead the remainder of us into all of our fitted destinies. I consider that the O Style is stirring within these people now. Divine items within just that have been presented because of this prophetic hour are now being triggered in addition to published. Understanding of often the long night of their own feeling is being revealed to them. The guts regarding Joseph is hitting perfection within them. Lord phone calls them to fulfill their destiny. The Jordan features parted before them. Many people prepared the ground for the remainder of the Body of Christ to check out. Pay day has finally come!
Typically the final part of typically the dream had been fulfilled. My spouse and i preached this message in order to a good great church at Chicago , il. God came decrease in that assistance! Just isn’t it incredibly satrical the fact that God would expose and even speak this concept by means of a white man, the descendant of slave owners from the South, a new place that once miserable these people of their best basic rights. Isaiah sixty: 10 states, “The son’s of your oppressors can come bowing before you. Almost all who also despised you will definitely bow in your feet. very well God completed the thoughts of the prophet around the day I preached often the message, “You Have Settled on the Other Side associated with the Jordan. inch May possibly God soon accomplish The prophetic word to these divinely called leaders of the Coming Great Awakening.

Direct Mail Examples – 8 Secrets of Direct Mail Copywriting!

Since in invention of the Internet (and cheaper marking methods like email), direct mail examples have become less popular with entrepreneurs who are always looking for the best way to cut down wastage in their marketing.

But there are often times when it’s a good ideas to send out a direct mail piece to a list of your best customers, because there is just not that much competition for their snail mail box these days.

In the direct mail examples below you will find a list of top tips to make your mailing more successful.

1. Targeting Your List: The biggest thing that is going to bring you a good result in your direct marketing is a laser focused list. I often watch a TV ad for a new perfume and think how wasteful the marketing is because half the population is not interested. It’s your job to only target people with a 90% chance of buying. If you cannot do this forge about direct mail.

2. Copywriting: Make sure that you research the hot buttons of your market and that your copy is top rate. The best way to test your stuff is using 2 different versions with a Google AdWords ad and see which one pulls in the most response.

3. Don’t Forget the Call to Action: I see this in so much copy, you need to tell the prospect what to do next. Every time, no excuses…

4. Testing: I mentioned this before but it’s so crucial I want to go over it again. You need to test an retest every piece of direct mail before you send it out. The Internet makes this process easy and cheap so don’t just guess what is going to work.

5. Don’t do Hype: People hate it, just tell the truth.

6. Errors in Your Copy: Get a professional proofreader to go over your stuff, 10% of people are really hot on grammar and will throw your stuff in the bin if it’s not perfect.

7. The Headline: If this is weak your direct mailing will never get read. Work super hard on the headline.

8. Style Over Substance: Many people work for hours on the design and forget the sales massage. Remember that ugly often sell best!

Final thoughts.

I hope you can use these direct mail examples to bring in more sales and more success for your business.

For even more copywriting advice see the links below.


A Guide to Assessing Marketing Communications Through the Sales Funnel

If you are generating plenty of awareness, but no sales, why are you marketing at all? Marketers need to balance their attention to their messaging throughout the sales funnel to really have an impact on the bottom line.

Many of us will have experienced a sense of ‘information overload’ where we simply switch off, or the frustration of wanting to know more about a product or service before we commit and not being able to find it. These scenarios aren’t made up, they are happening right now, all over the world – and each one represents a lost sale for someone.

For almost every purchase we make, we run through a broadly similar decision-making process (I say almost, as the impulse bar of chocolate at the supermarket counter is quite a different process). Typically, and particularly for more complex purchases, our thinking will go something like this: ‘My laptop is heavy – I saw that ad for really light weight ones, who was it again?’ (Latent need); ‘I saw that ad, I remember… it was X-Computers’ (Awareness); ‘I’ll just check out their site’ (Interest); ‘Hmm, well the weight certainly compares well, but can I afford it, what are the other options?’ (Evaluation); ‘I’ll pop into Y-shop to see what it feels like and ask a little more about it’ (Trial); ‘I’ve researched the best price, I’ll get it from there’ (Purchase). Kotler and others have spelt out various different versions of this process, there’s bound to have been one modelled for most markets.

By understanding the way people make buying decisions, you can map your sales funnel:

1. Awareness,
2. Interest,
3. Evaluation,
4. Trial,
5. Purchase.

Against this process you should map and measure your sales clickfunnels pricing cost, you’ll steadily whittle down your audience at each step, with interested parties moving through the funnel and those who either don’t want what you offer or who are turned off by your messaging going elsewhere. To maximise the conversion at each stage, marketers should consider two key elements; tone and quantity.

What do I mean by tone? As short-hand, think emotion. Against the sales funnel, there is an appropriate tone at each step. If you imagine a continuum from emotional to rational, typically your marketing material will need to start at emotional and move to rational through the funnel. To really get noticed, you need to appeal to our most human side, our emotions. If you hit a nerve, they notice you. However rational you are, e.g. ‘we’re cheap’, if they don’t feel a need for what you’re offering they’re unlikely to notice your communications in the first place. Successful emotional appeals, in marketing terms, usually hit on a negative feeling and say that you can take it away. This is called finding the point of pain. Once you’ve established that emotional appeal, your communications need to move into more rational territory, where proof is needed. As a sanity check on the tone of your marketing materials, map out each stage of the sales funnel and look at the material (offline, online, sales person, in-store, etc.) and then judge the emotional appeal – are you delivering rational messages too soon? Is your material providing further emotional messaging, when your buyer is looking for rational proof?

Quantity, in regard to sales funnelling, is a fairly straight forward concept – start ‘short and sweet’ and then provide more information at each step. Where most organisations fall foul of this is on their websites. Home pages are often jam packed with information. In a typical sales funnel, an organisation’s website is the second or third step – this means that people typically reach you looking for an emotional appeal (what’s the benefit for me?) and they are looking for key messages. Again, map out your journey and assess the quantity of information you are serving at each stage, it should start small and increase at each step.

So, if you’re experiencing lots of web traffic, but low numbers of enquiries – or lots of footfall and low sales, think about the sales funnel. An initial assessment against tone and quantity will signpost where your blockage might be and put you on the path to a free flowing sales funnel that has a tangible link to your bottom line.

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